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Indian Government releases list of 20 smart cities

First 20 smart cities: From Jaipur to Kochi, here’s the full list

NEW DELHI: The government today named 20 cities that will soon get a 50,800 crore or 7.5 billion dollar makeover to turn them into 'Smart Cities' with facilities and infrastructure comparable to Europe. The cities will be given funds to solve problems from power cuts to poor sanitation to traffic

The cities are:
1. Bhubaneshwar 11. Devangere
2. Pune 12. Indore
3. Jaipur 13. Coimbatore
4. Surat 14. Kakinada
5. Kochi 15. Belgaum
6. NDMC (New Delhi) 16. Udaipur
7. Ahmedabad 17. Guwahati
8. Jabalpur 18. Chennai
9. Vizag 19. Ludhiana
10. Solapur 20. Bhopal
Smart Cities in India


Smart Cities Mission

Smart Cities Mission of the Government is a bold, new initiative. It is meant to set examples that can be replicated both within and outside the Smart City, catalysing the creation of similar Smart Cities in various regions and parts of the country.

The core infrastructure elements in a smart city would include:

i. adequate water supply,

ii. assured electricity supply,

iii. sanitation, including solid waste management, iv. efficient urban mobility and public transport,

v. affordable housing, especially for the poor, vi. robust IT connectivity and digitalization,

vii. good governance, especially e-Governance and citizen participation, viii. sustainable environment,

ix. safety and security of citizens, particularly women, children and the elderly, and

x. health and education.

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